The Cardello Building

- Since 1864 -

Where we came from

Cardello Building has served Pittsburghers for decades. See where we’ve come from.


original site of the Excelsior Coffin & Casket Works​

The firm became the National Casket Company by the turn of the century, and the building served as its headquarters, factory, and warehouse. National Casket was one of the first manufacturers of mass-produced caskets. At the height of its business in the early 1900s,



Moved from Pittsburgh to present site in 1870. Changed firm's name to Hamilton, Lemmon & Arnold. Gain national recognition as specialists and experts in the field.



Merged with Chappell, Chase, Maxwell Co. and Stein Manufacturing Company forming the National Casket Company



National Casket maintained 16 factories and 22 showroom throughout the country. Established itself as the largest casket and coffin manufacturer in the world



The company's largest showroom and factory was located in Allegheny on Munford. National Casket shipped more than 52,000 caskets worldwide each year, making it the largest coffin manufacturer in the country.


National Casket moved its operations to Kentucky

the building was used principally as a warehouse.

Cardello Electric Leases the Building

Cardello Lighting & Electric Supply, lighting Pittsburgh since 1947.


Cardello Associates purchases building

and stays until they outgrow the building and move down the street.


State-of-the-art Workplace

An environment that combines exceptional state-of-the-art amenities, ambience, and a fidelity to architectural history and heritage, has set the Cardello Building apart from all other office facilities in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area.

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